Overview of the 2019 Cologne Food Exhibition (ANUGA) in Germany

In February 2019, our company participated in ANUGA as scheduled, which is the largest and most important fair for food and beverage, and the most important exhibition project sponsored by cologne international exhibition company. The exhibition used the world's fifth largest exhibition hall and held in 1922 for the first time. It has been the most important trade exhibition in German and international food and beverage industry for half a century.

The exhibition attracted food and beverage manufacturers and professional traders from all over the world, making it an ideal place for the food companies to establish customer contact, order products and exchange events. The exhibition has clear layout (10 professional pavilions are clearly distinguished, so that visitors can visit with purpose and choice), the product categories and products with international level, a large number of transparent product series, which forming a high impact of the exhibition. During the exhibition, the organizing committee also held some seminars to discuss the development prospect of the food processing industry, which promoted the foreign trade process of the global food industry.

During the exhibition, our company had in-depth exchanges with our peers in the same industry, and had a good exchange of views on the development status of the Gum Base industry. While learning from each other and making progress, we got to know a lot of overseas customers, and put a good quality label on the Gum Base products of China SANXI brand, which also laid a good foundation for the foreign trade work in 2020.