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Wuxi Sanxi Gum Base Manufacture Co., Ltd.(original name of company is “Wuxi Sanxi Gum Base Factory”) founded in 1994. It is an early established, large scale and rapid development professional gum base manufacturer of China, major in production, R&D and sale of various chewing gum base, bubble gum base and non-filling gum base, and with an annual capacity of more than 20,000 tons. With a cover area of more than 10,000 square meters, company has garden-style factory, GMP workshop, advanced production equipment and standardized laboratory.

Quality, Innovation, Customers, Reputation

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Treat quality as a job,make value a goal.


Take responsibility for ourself and treat others benevolently.


Mutual benefit leads to a win-win.


Make the best of what we have.


Since the beginning of out factory, we have started the production and R&D of various bubble gum bases. In the nearly 30 years’ history, a total of more than 40 different type of bubble gum bases adapted to different types of bubble gum were born in our R&D laboratory. Also, nowadays we produce bubble gum too.

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Paste bubble gum
Cut and wrap bubble gum
Roll bubble gum

Chewing gum base

Compared with bubble gum base, chewing gum base pays more attention to chewing characteristics and aroma release. After continuous improvement, our products in addition to meet the sales of the domestic market, but also bring the stable quality and good service to customer from Japan, the United States, the Middle East and other different regions.

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Filled chewing gum
Sitck chewing gum
Chain forming chewing gum

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