Sanxi was awarded the honorary title of "high-tech enterprise"

On December 5, 2019, Sanxi was awarded the honorary title of "high-tech enterprise"

A little love into the sea, and the real love in the world never stop

In the Spring Festival of 2020, the sudden "covid-19 epidemic" swept across the country in just over a month.

Sanxi actively arranged to resume work

On February 12, after a "long" Spring Festival, Sanxi could finally return to work.

Overview of the 2019 Cologne Food Exhibition (ANUGA) in Germany

In February 2019, our company participated in ANUGA as scheduled, which is the largest and most important fair for food and beverage, and the most important exhibition project sponsored by cologne international exhibition company.

Overview of 2019 Dubai Gulf Food Exhibition (GULFOOD)

The sales department of our company was responsible for participating in and planning the exhibition, which lasted for 5 days. During the exhibition, we acquainted with a large number of overseas customers and peers.